Winter is back (sort of)

Late winter early spring in Colorado is always a guessing game with the weather isn’t it? But that is why we love it here, you can have at least 2 seasons in just one day! We have noticed that 2 of our bull elk that lounge around the property on a regular basis have already dropped their antlers! We were surprised because it seems a little early for that to happen. They have also been shedding their winter coats, you can find little clumps of elk hair around the property where they stand and scratch.  JilLayne is anxiously awaiting the return of the hundreds of hummingbirds that call Wildwood Inn their home for the summer. We should see the first arrivals in about a month! We will keep you posted!  And just a reminder if you have not made your plans for Spring Break give us a call so we can help you plan a getaway to Estes!  And of course it is never too early to start making your summer reservations too!

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