Waiting on some snow!

I don’t know if anyone else is feeling like we need some snow, but everyone at Wildwood Inn is hoping for some snow as it is so dry for all or our wildlife and plants, but it sure would be nice to have a white Christmas. The wildlife activity has been great lately with the large bull Elk roaming the mountain side in their ” bull” herd and our large Mule Deer herd seems like they grow in numbers every time we see them. The Big Horn Sheep have been sighted higher on the mountain side, but have not come down to much as the nice weather keeps them from needing to make their way to lower elevations for food.  We can not forget about our black male fox and his mate the red female fox they have been seen out hunting for their food and at times caught playing in the front lawn of the office. It is funny how each property has given different names to our wonderful wildlife herds that move through the neighborhood. I wonder if the Elk are getting a identity complex due to having so many different names? As the seasons change we go from our very small Hummingbirds that have found Wildwood Inn to be their main home for the warm months to the Large Elk that make their home here during the colder months. What a contrast we get to experience in a given year. If you have not experienced Wildwood Inn’s hummingbirds you are missing a fascinating experience, but that story will be saved for another day. Cheers


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