Family Travels to Wildwood Inn

Christmas has always been a time when ALL of our family make the best effort possible to be home for Christmas. Home is Wildwood Inn, and family numbers are in 25 – 30 so this is a big deal for us here at Wildwood Inn. Not only do we welcome our guests to their home away from home while at Wildwood Inn, we also welcome our family members as they make their way home for the Christmas holiday. Even though Estes Park and the Denver area (DIA) is not giving those travelers problems we have already started to experience some poor conditions for those traveling. We have had our son-in-laws parents from Great Britain have to cancel their trip to Estes Park altogether since travel in and out of Europe is basically at a standstill :(   On a happier note Quentin and Lucille’s (Owners) flight is on time and due to land any minute. Our daughter Erin is having a hard time with road closures on I-70 East bound, but last word traffic is starting to move. We will be very relieved when this first group of family arrives in safely, but very sad that our family over the waters can not be with us this year. Tomorrow brings another round of travelers coming from New York to our beautiful town to celebrate this glorious holiday.


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